Who We Are

Lice Combat came about by thinking of a way to permanently get rid of lice and nits ever present on my children’s head. Not one, but three fully infected heads was a difficult task for a mother. Going through the experience of removing lice at home inspired me to create my own lice removal product. However, I learned that lice have evolved in such a way there is not much we can do chemically to get rid of them. Their resilience relies on their adaptation to the chemicals in regular lice shampoos. In fact, the strand of lice known for their capacity to adapt and survive to chemicals and pesticides are known as super-lice.

What many parents don’t know is that these chemical treatments become less effective the more they are used because of the ability of adaptation and resistance of toxic agents these creatures have. After long research, I discovered that lice are adaptive; no matter what chemical you throw at them, they will always come back. Meaning, all treatments containing pesticides and chemicals only take temporary action against them, making these toxins more harmful for children rather than for lice. Even though these treatments work effectively when used, the critters would return faster and stronger.

Multiple brands of lice treatment products rely on chemicals and pesticides as their active ingredients to eliminate lice. Not only are these products not as effective, but also expose children to many chemicals. Nowadays, our kids are greatly bombarded by all types of toxins and chemicals in the environment, especially in their food and toiletries. My biggest concern back when applying traditional lice removal treatments on my child’s head was “Who am I really poisoning? My child or the lice?”


I made the decision to embark a quest to find the most effective and least toxic way to eliminate lice and nits. During this journey, I learned that the most effective way to kill lice is by asphyxiation. The critters can hold their breath for quite a while, but with the right product and enough time, they will be gone. After studying long lists of ingredients, commercial and non-commercial products, conducting many tests and doing lots of research I finally created the perfect formula. I knew my product would be the most effective treatment to remove lice and nits and prevent them in the future.


Peace of mind returned to my head… literally.