Lack of information and in many cases of perseverance means that in the vast majority of cases lice are not eradicated from a host’s head in a single treatment.  Conventional over the counter, chemically ridden products have been rendered useless and ineffective by the appearance of the resistant “super lice”.

The efficacy of a lice treatment depends on two components: (i) the effectiveness of the formulation of the product itself; and (ii) the methodical by-the-book treatment application and follow-up preventive measures.  Lice Combat has designed the winning formula of an effective formulation combined with a detailed treatment and follow-up preventive strategies and products.

  1. Instead of killing lice with chemicals, the formulation of the new generation of products, as is the case in Lice Combat, is a mix of essential oils that attacks lice and their nits in three stages. It suffocates the lice nymphs and grown adults as it clogs their respiratory ducts (the only known way to effectively kill lice). It penetrates the nit shells and kills the larvae inside before they hatch.  And third, it debilitates the cementing glue that lice use to attach nits to the hair, making it easier to remove by combing.
  2. As important as the product itself is understanding that lice are here to stay and that unless we as parents maintain a permanent lookout and perform recurring preventive procedures, lice will inevitably come back. The ability of lice to withhold their breath for several hours implies that no single treatment will render your kid lice-free.  They may feel an important relief after a single treatment, but the key to success is to be relentless and repetitive even though you don’t see the critters.  At least three days of Lice Combat shampoo treatment, accompanied by thorough combing with a quality Lice Combat metal teeth grooved comb and followed upon by daily application of Lice Combat leave-in cream will effectively eliminate lice.  However, due to the exposure of our kids to infestation, and considering the life cycle of lice, the full-day treatment and combing should be repeated monthly as a preventive measure.


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